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Oscars Recap: And the Winners are…

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coastal traveler

The drive: This drive follows California Highway 1 and twists along the spectacular Big Sur Coast between Carmel and Morro Bay along central California’s Pacific shoreline. The road is simply one of the world’s most breathtaking drives, a must-do adventure for any California traveler. Here, the steep ridges of the remote Santa Lucia Range plunge down to a rocky, wave-battered coast, making an abrupt transition from wild peak to wild ocean. The roadway follows this transition zone, snaking along precipitous headlands, crossing grassy meadows above ragged coves, and traversing thirty-three bridges that span deep canyons and gorges. It’s a superb landscape that serves as a fitting boundary between North America and the Pacific Ocean.

While 97.9 miles in texas translates into a little over an hours drive, on Highway one it turns into a day long joy ride. That’s the distance we  cover today as we make our way south…

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The Gift

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The Gift.

#TeamJabber…IMAX This Weekend!

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#TeamJabber…IMAX This Weekend!.

‘The Equator Man’ Speaks through Its Silences

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ENGLISH SUBBEDRATINGSRAW EPISODES (TORRENT DL)1n2dseason2 ~ 1 Night 2 Days Season 2Search: ‘The Equator Man’ Speaks through Its Silences03ThursdayMay 2012Posted by 1n2ds2 in News, Uhm Tae Woong ≈ Leave a CommentTagsenewsworld, KBS, The Equator Man, Uhm Tae WoongKBS2’s The Equator Man is heightening the tension between its characters with its quiet yet artistic features.In the May 2 broadcast of The Equator Man, the conflict between President Jin No Sik (Kim Young Cheol) and Lee Jang Il (Lee Joon Hyuk) was uncovered in a meeting regarding their ugly past ties. As the murder of Kim Sun Woo’s (Uhm Tae Woong) father Kim Kyung Pil (Lee Dae Yeon) seemed to be coming up for a reinvestigation when Sun Woo turned in a petition, Jang Il went to visit President Jin to let him know about the new developments. President Jin had to know because he was the one who had murdered Kyung Pil accidentally, but had disguised it as a suicide and kept the secret under wraps all this time. Jang

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